Nocturnal notes shimmer from the Golden State



Got the opportunity to check out Best Coast’s latest release last night, entitled California Nights. This dandy new album stokes up the volume and the intensity from the band’s prior forays, which included the Golden State’s glorious surfer sounds and themes in Crazy For You  and the more mellow country-tinged tunes in The Only Place.

Here’s a weblink to their recent performance of “Feeling OK” on Conan.

California Nights is my favorite of the band’s three full-length studio albums with its mix of rock, shoegaze, surfer tunes, and power pop.  It also addresses some darker subjects (hence the album title) in subtle, yet noticeable ways. My only quibble with the release is the track order. Several sequential tracks during the first half have a similar texture and tone that I would prefer being separated by other tunes to avoid sounding a bit repetitive.

My favorite four tracks off the album are:

  •  “Feeling Ok”
  • “Fading Fast”
  • “California Nights”
  • “Jealousy”

Check out California Nights by Best Coast. It’s totally rad and awesome, dude.

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