ALDIstribution centers in the United States: UPDATE #2


Source: – map does not include recent additions

As ALDI continues its rapid expansion of grocery stores across the United States, its distribution and logistics network is growing as well. Below is a list of the company’s  distribution centers.  These facilities serve more than 1,900 ALDI grocery stores which averages out to approximately one distribution center per 55 grocery stores.

Aldi's Faribault, MN Distribution Center - Source:

ALDI’s Faribault, MN Distribution Center – Source:

Unique to ALDI’s logistics network is the fact that each distribution center site also contains the home offices for that division. As a result, the square footages provided incorporate not only include cold and dry storage or the distribution space, but more office space than might normally be found in a traditional distribution center.

Aldi Webberville, MI Distribution Center - Source:

ALDI’s Webberville, MI Distribution Center – Source:

Some square footage data is unavailable, particularly for older distribution centers unless they had a recent expansion. For example, the Greenwood, Indiana facility opened in 1987 – only the size of the most recent addition was located from an internet search. Any addition or updates are welcome. Chow!  Newly UPDATED information (as of 8/10/20) is shown in bold throughout this post.

  • Batavia, IL: total size unknown, but recently added 208,000 square feet
  • Center Valley, PA: 527,000 square feet
  • Denton, TX: 469,862 square feet
  • Dwight, IL: 500,000 square feet
  • Faribault, MN: 508,915 square feet
  • Frederick, MD: 506,470 square feet
  • Goodyear, AZ (2020): 600,000 square feet – under construction
  • Greenwood, IN: plus total size unknown, but recently added 108,000 square feet
  • Haines City, FL: 482,934 square feet
  • Hinckley, OH: 362,730 square feet
  • Jefferson, GA: 812,863 square feet
  • Loxley, AL: 564,000 (to open in 2022)
  • Moreno Valley, CA: 850,000 square feet
  • Mt. Juliet, TN: 427,000 square feet
  • Oak Creek, WI: 606,100 square feet
  • O’Fallon, MO: total size unknown, but recently added 73,000 square feet
  • Olathe, KS: total size unknown, but recently added 115,000 square feet
  • Petersburg, VA (2018): 562,500 square feet
  • Rosenberg, TX (2016): 650,000 square feet
  • Royal Palm Beach, FL: 821,000 square feet
  • Salisbury, NC: 554,000 square feet
  • Saxonburg, PA: 505,000 square feet
  • South Windsor, CT: 492,000 square feet
  • Springfield, OH: 506,000 square feet
  • Tully, NY: 539,000 square feet
  • Valparaiso, IN: 500,000 square feet
  • Webberville, MI: 600,000 square feet

Here’s a link to a more detailed version of the map provided above.

ALDI's Salisbury, NC Distribution Center - Source:

ALDI’s Salisbury, NC Distribution Center – Source:


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3 Responses to ALDIstribution centers in the United States: UPDATE #2

  1. Crystal Schultze says:

    Please bring Aldi stores to Boise, Idaho or Meridian Idaho….They would do great in the area and I am moving there and have talked to Meridian Idaho’s City Economic Development Department who would also love to see Aldi stores come there as well. Meridian has been voted #1 Best Place to live in America and is growing at a very rapid pace.


  2. Darren Wimmer says:

    Cost of living and property prices, you should look into Muskogee, Ok. for warehousing and distribution hubs. Or other out in western Ok..

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  3. donna CARTER says:

    I recently purchased a half gallon of milk in a new shape container…It is awful!!! when opened the milk splashes out because the container is so flimsy and to hold it and pour it it splashes out again and you van’t see what is left in the container.. Go back to what you had where you can grasp the loop. Thank you. Donna Carter


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