The world’s tallest pagodas, stupas, and dagabas



Below is the information found to date for pagodas, stupas, and dagabas of 100 feet in height or more. A separate list is provided of those that may likely exceed 100 feet, but for which specific data has yet to be located.


Tianning Temple Pagoda – Source:

As is depicted by the graphic above, stupas are considered to be the earliest form of such religious structures with Chinese and Japanese pagodas following later in architectural history. Dagaba is a another term used for stupa or pagoda, but most often utilized in Sri Lanka.


Phra Pathommachedi – Source:

At times, differentiating between pagodas, stupas, and temples was difficult. As a general rule, temples were not included in the list, but pagodas, et. al. located at temples are included.

Myazedi Pagoda - Source:

Myazedi Pagoda – Source:

As always this is a work in progress and any additions, corrections, or updates are most welcome. Namaste!

Pagodas, stupas, and dagabas exceeding 100 feet in height:

Sun and Moon Pagodas Source:

Sun and Moon Pagodas Source:

Height unknown, but likely a 100 feet or more:

SOURCES (other than above):


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9 Responses to The world’s tallest pagodas, stupas, and dagabas

  1. naban5 says:

    Why didn,t you include tall “Gopura” s in Hindu temples?.


  2. lynn says:

    you also might want to check if those in Nepal are sill standing…..esp i
    n pokhara. I think not.


    • problogic says:

      As noted in parethesis, the stupa in Kathmandu did survive per wikipedia. I believe the World Peace Pagoda did survive based on a May 15th web post


  3. naban5 says:

    There are tall Minarets & Churches too


  4. Marts says:

    Reblogged this on For Much Deliberation and commented:


  5. michael says:

    the so called Japanese pagoda, especially the one showed in the pic ( yakushiji temple) is an exact copy from the temple in Tang Dynasty china, making it Chinese architecture


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