USA city names with each letter in alphabetical order



Here’s a list of nine ten cities and towns I came up with, of cities in the United States where each letter in the city name is presented in alphabetical order. Any oversights from the USA or others known elsewhere are welcome. For the sake of my eyes and sanity, the list below does not include tiny towns, hamlets, and Census designated places.

As can be seen, all ranged between three and five letters in length and as would be expected, the further you got into the alphabet the less examples could be found.


  • A-m-o-r-y, Mississippi
  • B-e-l-l, California
  • B-o-w, New Hampshire
  • C-h-i-n-o, California
  • C-o-r-r-y, Pennsylvania
  • D-e-n-t, Ohio
  • D-e-r-r-y, New Hampshire
  • E-l-y, Minnesota (added 7/31/15)
  • H-i-l-o, Hawaii
  • O-p-p, Alabama


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