“Bloom County” is back on the map!

Source: fromoffshore.wordpress.com

Source: fromoffshore.wordpress.com

This week, after a 25 year absence, the world has been treated to the revival of the Bloom County comic strip. What a wonderful surprise.  The zany and irreverent world of Opus (the penguin), Milo, Steve, and Bill the Cat has been reopened for all of us to love and enjoy.

Easily one of my all-time favorite comics, along with Calvin and Hobbes, I am relishing seeing each and every new Bloom County cartoon. If you haven’t seen the new ones, please check them out through this Facebook link. They are sure to tickle your funny bone and bring a grand smile to your face. Thank you Berke Breathed, for this awesome gift of unbridled fun and laughter in a time that is often sorely lacking it. Joy to the world, Bloom County is back on the map!

Source: facebook.com/berkeleybreathed

Source: facebook.com/berkeleybreathed


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