Fun, clever, vain, and odd boat names

Below are some of the best and worst boat names observed during our week along the Lake Michigan coastline. Of those listed, the most common themes appear to be relaxation/getting away from it all (9), partying (5), and the value of the boat (4).

The ten most common boat names in 2015 according to Boat U.S. are shown in the following photograph. Two of the names seen over the past week are included within the list (Seas the Day and Second Wind) and therefore lose out on the originality scale.

Just for fun, I figured if we ever get a float/pontoon boat, Poop Deck would be a catchy name for it.



Best Overall

  •  Campbell’s Sloop (sailboat)

Worst Overall

  •  Beer Bitch


  • @eaze (my choice for second best overall)
  • Bee Gone
  • Child’s Play
  • Dock Therapy
  • High C’s
  • Hot Fun
  • ITLDO (a.k.a. It’l Do – took some time to figure this one out – they should have included the apostrophe)
  • Justyn Time
  • Lazy Buoy
  • Lots of Knots (sailboat)
  • Mental Alignment
  • Oh’ Bee Have
  • Pain Killer
  • Panacea (come on folks, at least name it Panasea or Pan-a-see-ya!)
  • Reel Time (fishing boat)
  • Rough Duty
  • Sax Sea Therapy
  • Seas the Day (nice pun, but not original according to the list above)
  • Second Wind (another common, unoriginal name)
  • Sidebar (not bad for a lawyer)
  • Soggy Dog
  • Sol Mate
  • Soul Mateys
  • Starlight (sailboat)
  • Summer School
  • Swift Current (sailboat from Canada)
  • True Blew (sailboat decked out with U of M flags)

Vain, but still clever

  • Cur-N-Sea
  • Petty Ca$h
  • Regally Ours
  • Wet Vette


  • Double Trouble
  • iLoon (makes no sense to me unless they are really into Loons)
  • Special K (unless they work for Kellogg)
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