America’s “Coast Guard Cities”

U.S. Coast Guard Air Station - Traverse City - Source

U.S. Coast Guard Air Station – Traverse City – Source

Provided below is a list of the 16 American communities which have been designated by Congress as Coast Guard Cities. T 15 cities and one county have been recognized  because “they have extended so many considerations to the Coast Guard family and their dependents.”

With two such communities each, Alaska, California, Michigan, and Oregon have the most Coast Guard Cities.  Twelve different states are represented on the list. Congratulations to each of these deserving communities.

USGC Station Alameda- Source:

USGC Station – Alameda – Source:

The list below certainly does not include all of the communities where the United States Coast Guard (USCG) is located or operates. If your community is interested in becoming a Coast Guard City, more information on the process is available via this weblink.

City (USCG Facility) Designation Date
Grand Haven, Michigan (station) November 13, 1998
Eureka, California (station) June 3, 2000
Mobile, Alabama (training center) July 4, 2002
Wilmington, North Carolina (station) July 25, 2003
Newport, Oregon (station) March 28, 2005
Alameda, California (base) April 14, 2006
Kodiak, Alaska (air station) September 15, 2007
Rockland, Maine (station) June 16, 2008
Portsmouth, Virginia (base) November 17, 2009
Traverse City, Michigan (air station) April 7, 2010
Astoria, Oregon (air station) May 1, 2010
Sitka, Alaska (air station) February 14, 2011
Clearwater, Florida (air station) December 23, 2011
Newburyport, Massachusetts (station) December 23, 2011
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (station) January 23, 2014
Camden County, Georgia (station) January 23, 2014
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