Charting the waters of Trader Joe’s distribution network: UPDATED



Below is a list of Trader Joe’s distribution facilities in the United States, along with the size, date opened, and geographic locations. With the exception of their facilities near Chicago and Dallas, all are concentrated on the East and West coasts, as are most of their stores; as the following map (somewhat dated) clearly depicts. A new warehouse in Connecticut indicates that trend may be continuing for the foreseeable future.



Information below updated as of 7/10/19:

CITY/STATE                                                        SIZE                   YEAR COMPLETED

Allentown (Nazareth), Pennsylvania                  532,000 sq. ft.                       2013

Boston (Middleboro), Massachusetts                 123,000 sq. ft.                  unknown

Chicago (Minooka), Illinois                                  800,000 sq. ft.                      2013

Dallas (Irving), Texas                                             728,530 sq. ft.                       2013

Daytona Beach, Florida                                          810,000 sq. ft.                      2015

Hartford (Bloomfield), Connecti              690,000 sq. ft.                  2019

Los Angeles (Fontana), California                       500,000 sq. ft.                      2009

Olympia (Lacey), Washington                              500,000 sq. ft.                      2012

Stockton, California                                                512,0000 sq. ft.                    2002


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