“The Magic of Belle Isle” is truly enchanting

Source: magpictures.com

Source: magpictures.com

I am constantly amazed by the excellent films one can find on Netflix. Beyond that, I am also amazed at how out-of-touch some movie critics are. The Magic of Belle Isle is an enchanting charmer (released in 2012) which stars the incomparable Morgan Freeman and superbly talented Virginia Madsen and which was directed by the one-and-only Rob Reiner. But, the actress who steals the movie is Emma Fuhrmann who plays Finn (see image below). Unfortunately, you would hardly know how good these actors are and how delightful this movie is by reading most of the reviews on Metacritic.

Source: moviebuzzers.com

Source: moviebuzzers.com

What is there not to like about this movie? Not enough gore? Not enough vulgarity? Not enough action? Come on! If a movie is as good as this, then given it credit, instead of only complimenting those films that push some indescribable envelope. Sometimes, movie fans just like to watch a compelling, well-acted, and heartfelt story. The Magic of Belle Isle is all that and more.

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