Puddle jumpers – America’s smallest commercial airports

Key West International Airport - Source: en.wikipedia.org

Key West International Airport – Source: en.wikipedia.org

Below is a list of America’s smallest commercial airports (those served by airlines) as measured by by acreage. These are the airports most likely to be served by puddle jumpers, even if they are nowhere near a large water body.

At least part of the reason for their smaller land area, aside for the size of the community itself, has to do with geographical/topographical constraints.  Other times, as a cities grows, the airport gets hemmed in by development (see photos below).

Tweed-Haven Airport - Source: blog.aopa.org

Tweed-Haven Airport – Source: blog.aopa.org

The seven smallest airports and nine of the 26 are located on or provide air service to islands/narrow peninsulas (Hilton Head, Friday Harbor, Charlevoix, Molokai, Provincetown, Westerly, Key West, Bar Harbor, and Lanai). Ten of these 26 airports serve cities in mountainous terrain (Harrisonburg, Clarksburg, Pullman, Lewisburg, Boulder City, Jackson Hole, Williamsport, Lebanon, Aspen, and Wenatchee).

Other commonalities found include 16 of these airports serve vacation- oriented communities and 14 serve coastal communities. In addition, five serve college towns (New Haven – Yale, Harrisonburg – James Madison, Pullman – Washington State, Ithaca – Cornell, and Lebanon -Dartmouth).

Hilton Head Airport - Source: flickriver.com

Hilton Head Airport – Source: flickriver.com

At approximately 205,000; 131,000;  and 101,000 residents respectively, Modesto, New Haven, and Erie are easily the three largest individual cities on the list. Orange County is by far the largest government organization.

  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina: 131 acres
  • Friday Harbor, Washington: 145 acres
  • Charlevoix, Michigan: 185 acres (air service to Beaver Island)
  • Molokai, Hawaii: 288 acres
  • Provincetown, Massachusetts: 310 acres
  • Westerly, Rhode Island: 326 acres (air service to Block Island)
  • Key West, Florida: 334 acres
  • New Haven (Tweed-Haven), Connecticut: 394 acres
  • Harrisonburg, Virginia: 433 acres
  • Clarksburg, West Virginia: 434 acres
  • Modesto, California: 435 acres
  • Erie (Tom Ridge), Pennsylvania: 450 acres
  • Pullman, Washington: 467 acres
  • Bar Harbor, Maine: 468 acres
  • Lewisburg, West Virginia: 472 acres
  • Orange County (John Wayne), California: 500 acres
  • Lanai, Hawaii: 505 acres
  • Boulder City, Nevada: 530 acres
  • Ithaca, New York: 531 acres
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming: 533 acres
  • Williamsport, Pennsylvania: 535 acres
  • Rockland, Maine: 538 acres
  • Lebanon, New Hampshire: 563 acres
  • Aspen, Colorado: 573 acres
  • Wenatchee, Washington: 585 acres
  • Monterey, California: 597 acres

Sources: en.wikipedia.org and http://www.sitelevel.com/query?query=acres&B1=Search&crid=71805b845d4090d6

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