Land uses more often found “Down South”



As a follow-up to the recent post on Up North land uses, the following is my list of land uses more commonly found in the American South. Any additions or corrections are appreciated.

  • Bar-B-Q restaurants
  • Bluegrass, jazz, blues, and country music venues
  • Bourbon and whiskey distilleries
  • Cigarette production
  • Citrus/juice fruit stands/gift shops
  • Cotton markets
  • Cruise ship terminals
  • Highrise beachfront hotels and condos
  • Honky tonks
  • Horse farms
  • Mobile home communities
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Off-shore drilling rigs/platforms
  • Pecan and peanut stands/gift shops
  • Phosphate mines, particularly in Florida
  • Planned retirement communities
  • Plantations
  • Resorts
  • Sea shell stores
  • Shrimp and oyster fishing
  • Stock car tracks
  • Theme parks
  • Tobacco farms and auctions
  • Waffle House
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