Yoga-fied city names



A little fun today with adding yoga terms to city names. Here are 22 I came up with. Additions are welcome. Enjoy!

  • Birming-hamsa (Birmingham), Alabama, Michigan, or UK
  • Bridge-pose-port (Bridgeport), Connecticut
  • Budda-pest (Budapest), Hungary
  • Chakra-nooga (Chattanooga), Tennessee
  • Corpse-Pose Christi (Corpus Christi), Texas
  • Kali (Cali), Colombia
  • Kali-mazoo (Kalamazoo), Michigan
  • Laya Vegas (Las Vegas), Nevada
  • Los Asanas (Los Angeles), California
  • Manas (Manaus), Brazil
  • Mantra-al (Montreal), Canada
  • Maya-mi (Miami), Florida
  • Namaste-ville (Nashville), Tennessee
  • New Yoga Citta (New York City), New York
  • Oklahoma Citta (Oklahoma City), Oklahoma
  • OM-aha (Omaha), Nebraska
  • San Ananda (San Antonio), Texas
  • Savasana (Savannah), Georgia
  • Yang-stown (Youngstown), Ohio
  • Zen-dianapolis (Indianapolis), Indiana
  • Zen-ver (Denver), Colorado
  • Zen-zen-nati (Cincinnati), Ohio – you get a double zen bonus here!
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