Designer dumpsters of Traverse City

IMG_0144It’s not often you see dumpsters that once could call “artistic,” but here in Traverse City, there is a series of painted ones dotting the downtown alleys between Front and State Streets. These designer dumpsters were painted by elementary school students with the assistance of area artists. The newly adorned dumpsters are a pleasant and eye-catching change from the mundane and dingy ones found in most parking lots and alleyways in cities across the country.


Here are photos of those I located this past Friday afternoon. Needless to say, it would be nice to have all the dumpsters be painted to reflect local history, sites, and scenes. The eventual goal of the Traverse City program is to paint all of the American Waste dumpsters in the downtown area. Kudos to American Waste for supporting this worthy effort.

IMG_0148Other cities may want to consider joining Traverse City in this endeavor, as it certainly spruces up what is normally thought by most of us to be a visual eyesore. Well done to all involved!


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