Cities stuck in “The Middle”



Here’s my list of cities and towns whose name refers to being located in the center or middle.  One of the intriguing things about many of these communities is the number of them that lack being in the middle of anything more important than a couple of nearby towns. There are exceptions – Centralia, Illinois; Halfway, Maryland; and Center Point, Alabama – which are three examples of “middle” cities situated near the midpoint of the state.





Here are the most common middle place names found:

  • Center = 32 (either alone, in front of a second word, or after it)
  • Centerville = 14
  • Middletown = 12
  • Centreville = 7
  • Midway = 7
  • Midland = 6
  • Central City = 5
  • Middleton = 5

Apparently, American settlers and early pioneers had a “Heck” of a time coming up with new and/or imaginative names for their towns given the plethora of centers and middles out there – Just ask, Mike, Frankie, Axl, Sue, or Brick Heck.

Those in Pennsylvania and South Carolina appear to have been so dumbfounded over naming their towns that there are two Centervilles in each state and two Middletowns in Pennsylvania. It is also interesting to note that Canadians did not seem to have the same difficulty coming up with unique city and town names.

As far as states with the most places in the middle, here are the top ones:

  • New York = 14
  • Pennsylvania = 10
  • Vermont = 8
  • Ohio = 7
  • Michigan and New Hampshire = 5
  • Indiana and Tennessee = 4

Here’s the whole list of cities stuck in the middle (additions and corrections are welcome):

  • Alburgh Center, Vermont, USA
  • Callicoon Center, New York, USA
  • Canton Center, Connecticut, USA
  • Center, Nebraska, USA
  • Centerburg, Ohio, USA
  • Center City, Minnesota, USA
  • Center Conway, New Hampshire, USA
  • Centereach, New York, USA
  • Centerfield, Utah, USA
  • Center Gardens, Texas, USA
  • Center Harbor, New Hampshire, USA
  • Center Line, Michigan, USA
  • Center Point, Alabama, USA
  • Center Point, Indiana, USA (Thank you, Rick)
  • Center Point, Iowa, USA
  • Center Sandwich, New Hampshire, USA
  • Center Stafford, New Hampshire, USA
  • Centerton, Arkansas, USA
  • Center Valley, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Center Village, Connecticut, USA
  • Centerville, Georgia, USA
  • Centerville, Indiana, USA
  • Centerville, Iowa, USA
  • Centerville, Minnesota, USA
  • Centerville, Missouri, USA
  • Centerville, Ohio, USA
  • Centerville, Pennsylvania, USA (2)
  • Centerville, South Carolina, USA (2)
  • Centerville, South Dakota, USA
  • Centerville, Tennessee, USA
  • Centerville, Texas, USA
  • Centerville, Utah, USA
  • Central, Louisiana, USA
  • Central, Tennessee, USA
  • Central City, Illinois, USA
  • Central City, Iowa, USA
  • Central City, Kentucky, USA
  • Central City, Nebraska, USA
  • Central City, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Central Falls, Rhode Island, USA
  • Central Heights, Arizona, USA
  • Central High, Oklahoma, USA
  • Central Islip, New York, USA
  • Central Lake, Michigan, USA
  • Center Lovell, Maine, USA
  • Central Park, Washington, USA
  • Central Point, Oregon, USA
  • Central Square New York, USA
  • Centralia, Illinois, USA
  • Centralia, Missouri, USA
  • Centralia, Washington, USA
  • Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Centreville, Illinois, USA
  • Centreville, Maryland, USA
  • Centreville, Michigan, USA
  • Centreville, Mississippi, USA
  • Centreville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  • Centreville, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Centreville, Virginia, USA
  • Davenport Center, New York, USA
  • Dickinson Center, New York, USA
  • Fryeburg Center, Maine, USA
  • Georgia Center, Vermont, USA
  • Halfway, Maryland, USA
  • Highgate Center, Vermont, USA
  • Hollis Center, Maine, USA
  • Landaff Center, New Hampshire, USA
  • Manchester Center, Vermont, USA
  • Middleborough, Massachusetts, USA
  • Middlebourne, West Virginia, USA
  • Middleburg, Florida, USA
  • Middleburg, Heights, Ohio, USA
  • Middlebury, Connecticut, USA
  • Middlebury, Indiana, USA
  • Middlebury, Vermont, USA
  • Middlefield, Connecticut, USA
  • Middlefield, Ohio, USA
  • Middle Hope, New York, USA
  • Middle Island, New York, USA
  • Middle River, Maryland, USA
  • Middlesboro, Kentucky, USA
  • Middleburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Middleburgh, New York, USA
  • Middlebush, New Jersey, USA
  • Middleport, New York, USA
  • Middleport, Ohio, USA
  • Middlesex, New Jersey, USA
  • Middlesex, New York, USA
  • Middlesex, North Carolina, USA
  • Middleton, Idaho, USA
  • Middleton, Tennessee, USA
  • Middleton, Massachusetts, USA
  • Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Middleton, Wisconsin, USA
  • Middletown, Connecticut, USA
  • Middletown, Delaware, USA
  • Middletown, Indiana, USA
  • Middletown, Kentucky, USA
  • Middletown, Maryland, USA
  • Middletown, New Jersey, USA
  • Middletown, New York, USA
  • Middletown, Ohio, USA
  • Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA (2)
  • Middletown, Virginia, USA
  • Middletown, Rhode Island, USA
  • Middletown Park, Indiana
  • Middle Valley, Tennessee, USA
  • Middleville, Michigan, USA
  • Middleville, New York, USA
  • Midfield, Alabama, USA
  • Midland, Michigan, USA
  • Midland, North Carolina, USA
  • Midland, Ontario, Canada
  • Midland, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Midland, Texas, USA
  • Midland, Washington, USA
  • Midland City, Alabama, USA
  • Midtown, Tennessee, USA
  • Midvale, Ohio, USA
  • Midvale, Utah, USA
  • Midway, British Columbia, Canada
  • Midway, Georgia, USA
  • Midway, Louisiana, USA
  • Midway, New Mexico, USA
  • Midway, North Carolina, USA
  • Midway, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Midway, Tennessee, USA
  • Midway City, California, USA
  • Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA
  • Pownal Center, Vermont, USA
  • Rockville Center, New York, USA
  • St. Johnsbury Center, Vermont, USA
  • Shirley Center, Massachusetts, USA
  • Waterbury Center, Vermont, USA
  • Westville Center, New York, USA
  • Wolfboro Center, New Hampshire, USA

Sources: personal knowledge, 2014 and 2016 Rand McNally Road Atlas, and

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2 Responses to Cities stuck in “The Middle”

  1. Rick says:

    Center Point, Indiana, USA. It’s not in the center of anything. It’s in western Indiana not far from Terre Haute


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