Cities at the top

The following is a list of cities whose name refers to or means the highest point or top.

  • Acme, Alberta, Canada
  • Acme, California, USA
  • Acme, Michigan, USA
  • Akron, Alabama, USA
  • Akron, Colorado, USA
  • Akron, Iowa, USA
  • Akron, Indiana, USA
  • Akron, NewYork, USA
  • Akron, Ohio, USA
  • Apex, North Carolina, USA
  • Central High, Oklahoma, USA
  • Crown Point, Indiana, USA
  • Gray’s Summit, Missouri, USA
  • High Point, North Carolina, USA
  • Holt’s Summit, Missouri, USA
  • Lee’s Summit, Missouri
  • Los Altos, Bolivia
  • Summit, Illinois, USA
  • Summit, New Jersey, USA
  • Summit City, California, USA

Sources: en.wikipeidia,org, personal knowledge, and the 2016 Rand McNally Road Atlas

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