Can you guess city #5 of 2016?

Since the last two have been solved fairly quickly, I decided To post a little tougher city this time. Good luck to all. 


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4 Responses to Can you guess city #5 of 2016?

  1. Allen H says:

    I really enjoy these! This one was quite tough! Maybe the Scandinavian blood in me, but I believe it to be Stavanger Norway.


  2. Allen H. says:

    Motorvilleboy inspired me to tell the logic behind how I found it. First, I thought it was in the Pacific Northwest (Washington State) but nothing fit, and it certainly is not Seattle. Therefore, where else do I know a coastline like that, and Norway came to mind. Also, the fact that there is a contrail across the image to the NW meant it was on a flight path, and that helped narrow it down to the SW coast of Norway. Since it was not Bergen, I looked at the Stavanger area in Google Maps, and there it was! Curious to know how others find the cities 🙂


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