Neutralizing airport carbon footprints


The Airport Carbon Accreditation program began in 2009 as a n effort to reduce and eventually neutralize the effects of CO2 emissions at airports around the world through proactive steps. To date, more than 135 airports are participating in at least one of the four levels of accreditation (a list of the participating airports is provided at the end of this post).

The four accreditation levels are and the number of airports that have reached each level through March 2016 are as follows:

  1. Mapping CO2 Emissions = 32 airports
  2. Reduction = 59 airports
  3. Optimization = 26 airports
  4. Neutrality (of scope 1 and 2 emissions) = 20 airports

Successful efforts to offset the emissions have include:

  • Acquiring and utilizing smarter on-site transportation such as electric and hybrid electric vehicles instead of diesel and gasoline powered ones.
  • Installing eco-efficient lighting systems.
  • Investing in sustainable energy such as solar and wind.
  • Employing sustainable transit connections – not just rail, but sustainable taxis, vans, and buses.
  • Improving collaboration with the passenger and cargo airlines on ways to lower carbon emissions.

Based on current data, European airports lead the way in reducing their carbon footprints. Here’s a breakdown by continent – as can be seen, the Western and Southern Hemispheres have a lot of catching up to do, as Europe and Asia are leading the way.

  • Africa = 4
  • Asia = 25 (includes all of Turkey)
  • Europe= 87
  • North America = 13
  • Oceania = 4
  • South America = 2

Below is the complete list of the 135+ airports that have achieved at least one accreditation. Kudos to all those airports that are part of this important and noble effort. These airports represent more than 40 nations, 27.5% of all air traffic, and more than 1.7 billion passengers.

  • Abidjan International, Cote de Ivorie
  • Abu Dhabi International, UAE
  • Adelaide International, Australia
  • Amsterdam (Schiphol) International, Netherlands
  • Antsirabato, Madagascar
  • Artayla, Turkey
  • Athens International, Greece
  • Bahrain International, Bahrain
  • Bangalore (Kempegowda) International, India
  • Bangkok, (Mueang) Intenational, Thailand
  • Bangkok (Suvanarabhumi), Thailand
  • Barcelona (El Prat) International, Spain
  • Beja, Portugal
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Bologna (Marconi), Italy
  • Brisbane International, Australia
  • Bristol, UK
  • Brussels (Zaventa) International, Belgium
  • Budapest (Liszt) International, Hungary
  • Bucharest (Cuanda) International, Romania
  • Cannes (Mandelieu), France
  • Chiang Mai International, Thailand
  • Chiang Rai International, Thailand
  • Copenhagen (Kastrup) International, Denmark
  • Cornwall International, UK
  • Cork, Ireland
  • Dallas-Fort Worth International, USA
  • Delhi (Gandhi) International, India
  • Denver International, USA
  • Dubai (Al Maktoum International), UAE
  • Dubai International, UAE
  • Dublin International, Ireland
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Dusseldorf International, Germany
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Enontekio, Finland
  • Farnborough, UK
  • Faro, Portugal
  • Flores, Azores, Portugal
  • Frankfort International, Germany
  • Funchal (Madeira), Portugal
  • Geneva International, Switzerland
  • Goteborg (Landvetter), Sweden
  • Groningen, Netherlands
  • Hamburg International, Germany
  • Hammamet, Tunisia
  • Hat Yai International, Thailand
  • Helsinki International, Finland
  • Hong Kong International, China
  • Honolulu International, USA
  • Horta, Azores, Portugal
  • Istanbul (Ataturk) International, Turkey
  • Ivalo, Finland
  • Izmir (Menderez) International, Turkey
  • Jakarta (Soekarno–Hatta International), Indonesia
  • Kaohsiung International, Taiwan
  • Kemi-Tornio, Finland
  • Kirvna, Sweden
  • Kittila, Finland
  • Kristiansand, Norway
  • Kuala Lumpur International, Malaysia
  • Kuusamo, Finland
  • Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
  • Libreville International, Gabon
  • Liege, Belgium
  • Lisbon (Portela), Portugal
  • Ljubljana (Pucnik), Slovenia
  • London (City), UK
  • London (Gatwick) International, UK
  • London (Heathrow) International, UK
  • London (Stansted) International, UK
  • Lulea, Sweden
  • Lusanga, Congo
  • Macau International, Macau
  • Madrid (Barajas) International, Spain
  • Malaga Spain
  • Malmo (Sturup), Sweden
  • Manchester International, UK
  • Marseilles (Provence), France
  • Milan (Carivaggio) International, Italy
  • Milan (Linate) International, Italy
  • Milan (Malpensa) International, Italy
  • Montreal (Trudeau) International, Canada
  • Mumbai (Shivaji) International, India
  • Munich International, Germany
  • Naples, Italy
  • Nice (Cote d’Azur) International, France
  • Oporto (Sa Carneiro), Portugal
  • Oslo International, Norway
  • Ostersund, Sweden
  • Palma de Mallora, Spain
  • Paris (DeGaulle), France
  • Paris (Le Bourget), France
  • Paris (Orly) International, France
  • Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
  • Portland (Hillsboro), USA
  • Portland International, USA
  • Portland (Troutdale), USA
  • Porto Santo, Madeira, Portugal
  • Prague (Havel) International, Czech Republic
  • Puerto Vallarta (Ordaz) International, Mexico
  • Quito (Sucre) International, Ecuador
  • Rome (Ciampino) International, Italy
  • Rome (da Vinci-Fiumicino) International, Italy
  • Ronneby, Sweden
  • Rovaniemi, Finland
  • San Francisco International, USA (added March 2016)
  • Santa Maria, Portugal
  • Seattle-Tacoma International, USA
  • Seoul (Gimpo) International, South Korea
  • Seoul (Incheon) International, South Korea
  • Seymour, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  • Sharjah International, UAE
  • Stavanger, Norway
  • Stockholm (Arlanda) International, Sweden
  • Stockholm (Broma), Sweden
  • Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • Sydney (C.K. Smith) International, Australia
  • Taipei (Taoyuan) International, Taiwan (added March 2016)
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion) International, Israel
  • Tijuana International, Mexico
  • Tirana International. Albania
  • Toronto (Pearson) International, Canada
  • Toulouse (Blognac) International, France
  • Treviso, Italy
  • Trondheim, Norway
  • Umea, Sweden
  • Venice (Marco Polo) International, Italy
  • Victoria International, Canada
  • Vienna International, Austria
  • Visby, Sweden
  • Warsaw (Chopin) International, Poland
  • Zagreb (Tudman) International, Croatia
  • Zurich International, Switzerland

SOURCE: (page 16)

Here in the United States, it is unfortunate and disappointing to see only eight (8) airports involved, three (3) of which are in the Portland, Oregon region. Well done Portland! My hope is to convince our local airport, Traverse City’s Cherry Capital Airport, to vigorously participate. Please consider contacting your local airport or elected officials and ask them to do the same.


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