Superhero cities/Ciudades de superhéroes

Keystone City and Central City - Source:

Keystone City and Central City from “The Flash” – Source:

Below are listed famous superheroes from comic books, television, film, and cartoons and the primary city where they are based in or operate from. As some superheroes do not have a primary city where they perform feats of derring-do, those were not included. Any additions or corrections are most welcome.

A continuación se enumeran los superhéroes famosos de los cómics, la televisión, el cine y los dibujos animados y la ciudad principal donde residen o operan. Como algunos superhéroes no tienen una ciudad principal donde realicen hazañas de derring-do, no se incluyeron. Cualquier adición o corrección es bienvenida.

  • Ant-Man – Los Angeles and New York City
  • Aquaman – Atlantis
  • Arrow – Star City (Thank you, Larry)
  • Batgirl – Gotham City
  • Batman – Gotham City
  • Captain America – New York City
  • Cyborg – San Francisco
  • Darkwing Duck – St. Canard
  • Deadpool – Sedona, Arizona
  • Elastigirl – Metroville
  • Frozone – Metroville
  • Greatest American Hero – Los Angeles
  • Hellcat – San Francisco
  • Hercules – Brooklyn
  • Invisible Woman – New York City
  • Iron Man – Seattle
  • Mighty Mouse – Mouseville, TerryTown, and Cheeseville
  • Miss Martian – San Francisco
  • Mr. Fantastic – New York City
  • Mr. Incredible – Metroville
  • Robin – Gotham City
  • Robo Cop – Detroit (Thank you, Daniel) – added 9/28/19
  • Spider-man- New York City
  • Superboy – San Francisco
  • Supergirl – National City
  • Superman – Metropolis
  • The Flash – Keystone City and Central City (twin cities located on the Kansas-Missouri border)
  • Thing – New York City
  • Thor – New York City
  • Wolverine – Calgary – revised 11/12/19 – Thank you, Paul
St. Canard from Darkwing Duck - Source:

St. Canard from Darkwing Duck – Source:

SOURCES:;; and links provided above.

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7 Responses to Superhero cities/Ciudades de superhéroes

  1. Daniel Wilson says:

    What about Robo cop

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  2. Paul says:

    Wolverine is not from NY he is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was only X-Men out of Canada that is why was saved as character and nightcreeper character did not expand. As in early days they wanted to remove Wolverine character but thank goodness a Canadian joined the staff.


  3. Larry Hollar says:

    Arrow…star city

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