Namaste by the runway – Airport yoga is taking off!


San Francisco (SFO) – Source:

The list at the end of the post identifies those 12 airports found thus far that have dedicated yoga rooms available for passengers and employees to practice their poses during travel and/or work.

MDW - Source:

Midway (MDW) – Source:

Several other airports (Albuquerque, Raleigh-Durham, and San Diego) have specified meditation rooms and many airports have dedicated spaces for prayer and reflection, but these 12 airports below have a room, the space, the equipment, and/or the facilities specifically set aside that allow one to practice yoga without disturbing others.

As a devotee of yoga for the past two years, this trend is very exciting and I hope many more airports (old and new) decide to add such an amenity so passengers and employees alike can maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. It is also a great marketing tool for the airport!

It is also interesting to see that two smaller airports in the United States have joined this trend. Kudos to both Burlington, Vermont and Sioux Falls, South Dakota for being leaders.


Sources (other than above): 

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