Getting “reel” about our environment


After way too many years of using a gasoline powered lawn mower, my wife and I recently made the switch to a human-powered reel lawn mower. Once the standard for lawn care, these basic mowing machines have been long regulated to the shadows as gasoline and  more recently electric powered motors have been the primary methods for propelling lawn mowers.

Climate change and global warming have become an increasingly important issue for those of us who prefer to leave a smaller carbon footprint on our planet. Reel lawn mowers are becoming the choice du jour to address this concern, while also allowing us to get more exercise and creating less noise and air pollution.
Thankfully, there are an increasingly large number of reel mower design options our there for the environmentally conscious consumer, as I found them in stores or online at all the major big box and traditional hardware stores, as well as at discount retailers.
If you live on a smaller lot or in an urban environment, reel lawn mowers are a truly viable alternative to the run-of-the-mill gas-guzzling, air and noise polluting mowers on the market. Please consider kicking the gas can and getting “reel” about our environment. Peace!
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