Submerged cities


While we have all heard of the mythical Lost City of Atlantis, the following list identifies those ancient (and not so ancient) cities that have been found submerged beneath the waters of a river, lake, harbor, sea, or ocean. Probably best know of these is Port Royal, Jamaica the infamous pirate stronghold in Jamaica most recently portrayed in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. 

Dwarka, India – Source:

Given the number of sunken cities starting with the letter “P,” one has to wonder about the bad Karma that has befallen these places, especially when you throw Pompeii and Plymouth, Montserrat into the mix as well (which were both buried during volcanic eruptions). I guess cities starting with “P” should be cautious. 

Any additions or corrections to the list are most welcome, including the names of the Canadian villages which were sunken during the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Given that Dwarka, India was once considered a mythical place, one can never fully dismiss the possibility of Atlantis being located some day. 

  • Ancient Alexandria, Egypt – from Cleopatra’s time
  • Atilt-Yam, Israel
  • Baiae, Italy
  • Canudos, Brazil – beneath a manmade lake
  • Dunwich, England, UK – all that remains is a tiny fishing village
  • Dwarka, India – formerly “mythical” city discovered in 2000
  • Heracleion (Thonis) – in the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt 
  • Miseno, Itlay
  • Olous, Crete, Greece – suck during an earthquake
  • Pavlopetri, Greece – discovered in 1967
  • Phanagoria, Russia (built by Ancient Greeks) – 1/3 of the city is underwater
  • Port Royal Jamaica – located in Kingston Harbour, it sank during an earthquake in 1692
  • Pozzuoli, Italy
  • Prentiss, Mississippi
  • Several Canadian Villages – submerged in the 1950s due to construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway
  • Shicheng (Lion City), China – flooded by dam in 1959
  • Unnamed city under Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru
  • Upolu, Samoa 
  • Villa Epecuen, Argentina – sank in the late 1980s/early 1990s – portions re-emerged recently
  • Willow Grove, Tennessee – submerged from TVA projects


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3 Responses to Submerged cities

  1. Is the North direction correct on the Jamaican map? Or is the area not correct; I can’t find the piece of area on Google Maps.


  2. jeansc35 says:

    There are a number of Native American settlements which were sunk when dams were built on the Upper Missouri River in North Dakota, the McCloud River in the construction of Shasta Dam in California … I just saw a TV show about the latter on FNX, can’t remember any proper names. The tribal name for the latter is Winnemen, I had to look it up.

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