Mackinac’s hidden gem – St. Ignace

View of St. Ignace from Star Line ferry

Too often those visiting the Mackinac Straits area of Michigan will concentrate their trip on Mackinac Island and Mackinaw City, when there is a charming, entertaining, and very historic city just across the bridge in St. Ignace.

St. Ignace was founded in 1671 making it one of the oldest communities in the country. Below are provided a series of photos showing just a few of the highlights.

Add in the facts that it is a shorter ferry ride to/from Mackinac Island and the city has lower lodging and dining costs that more than offset the Mackinac Bridge tolls, then St. Ignace quickly becomes the go-place for budget-conscious travelers.

Chief Wawatam Lighthouse

Father Marqutte Park and Museum of Ojibwa Culture

Huron Boardwalk and Chief Wawatam Lighthouse

Chief Wawatam Statue

Father Marquette gravesite

Father Marquette Statue


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