Sweet Tooth Cities

Source: waymarking.com

Here’s is the list I came up with. Any additions or corrections are most welcome. These cities are not meant to be specifically named for something sweet, but instead include a sweet item in their name.

  • Agua Dulce (Sweet Water), Texas
  • Cocoa, Florida
  • Cocoa Beach, Florida
  • Dulce (Sweet), New Mexico
  • Heath, Ohio
  • Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Honey Brook, Pennsylvania
  • Honey Creek, Georgia
  • Honey Grove, Texas
  • Honeyville, Utah
  • Mint Hill, North Carolina
  • Minto, North Dakota
  • Mintum, California
  • Rio Dulce (Sweet River), Guatemala
  • Sucre (Sugar), Bolivia
  • Sugar City, Colorado and Idaho
  • Sugar Creek, Missouri
  • Sugarcreek, Ohio and Pennsylvania
  • Sugar Grove, Illinois and Virginia
  • Sugar Grove Station, West Virginia
  • Sugar Hill, Georgia
  • Sugar Land, Texas
  • Sugarland Run, Virginia
  • Sugar Loaf, Virginia
  • Sugar Mountain, North Carolina
  • Sweet Gum Head, Florida
  • Sweet Home, Arkansas and Oregon
  • Sweetser, Indiana
  • Sweet Water, Alabama
  • Sweetwater, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas
  • Sweetwater Creek, Florida
  • Sweetwater Oaks, Florida
  • Sweet Springs, Missouri
  • Zoetermeer (Sweetlake), Netherlands (Thank you, Margriet)
  • Zoeterwoude (Sweetforest), Netherlands (Thank you, Margriet)

Sources: en.wikipedia.org, 2014 Rand McNally Road Atlas, and personal knowledge

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2 Responses to Sweet Tooth Cities

  1. Margriet Nieuwenhuis says:

    In the Netherlands we have Zoetermeer ( Sweetlake) and Zoeterwoude (Sweetforest) both in the province South Holland.


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