You know you live in a resort town when…

Now that I have lived in a resort town for a year, here are some additions/corrections to my original post from 8/8/13. Some of these are semi-sarcastic, while others are all too true.

  • It’s a place people want to come to versus get away from.
  • Many long-term residents wish all the newbies and tourists would just disappear.
  • More homes seem to be rented out to tourists than are owner-occupied.
  • There are definitely two seasons – peak and off-peak.
  • Waterfront property is priced to sell…in Manhattan.
  • Eclectic and eccentric are commonplace (one of my favorite aspects).
  • There are more “places to stay” than “places to live.”
  • Too many people cannot afford to live in town and must commute from elsewhere.
  • During peak season, hotel rooms are cheaper in Tokyo.
  • It is never a good idea to schedule a wedding or family reunion during peak season.
  • The peak air travel day of the year is not the day before Thanksgiving.
  • Many locals clear out-of-town during big events or festivals.
  • Blue hair actually is a fashion statement – as are pink, orange, and purple.
  • More vehicles have kayaks, flatboards, bicycles, or canoes on their roof than don’t.
  • The top-selling product in grocery stores is beer.
  • Lost drivers are always in your lane.
  • Motor homes try to parallel park – not a pretty sight.
  • Like birds, tourists congregate in flocks.
  • Bicycles and scooters abound on the streets…with riders often dressed in flip-flops and a swimsuit.
  • People who come here on vacation, leave on probation. (Thanks, Leslie for that addition)
  • The locals know all the short cuts to avoid tourist traffic.
  • Your town’s name printed on everything from t-shirts to ball caps to key chains to shot glasses to speedo’s.
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