This is why you want street trees

Sixth Street in Traverse City

A picture says a thousand words – need I say more?

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4 Responses to This is why you want street trees

  1. Marts says:

    Marvelous, driving down there would be really relaxing

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  2. After much thought about the physical design of a city block, I decided I really don’t want trees in the parkways like these. Beautiful as they are, and providing shade in summer also, it’s a challenging location for trees because of the cramped, often compacted root space. Also, their fallen leaves are less likely to be picked up while still clean and put into composting. Leaves which fall onto the street get into sewers and clog up water drainage. Finally, when there is a strong wind event, these trees are more likely than trees much farther from the street, to lose branches which can fall onto cars and pedestrians, and in the worst storms, fall over and block streets and sidewalks.


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