Resolve to be involved


If you are like me and are deeply disturbed and worried about the direction your country or the world community are headed, please consider becoming more involved in 2017.  

There are numerous organizations doing good work at all levels on a vast array of topic/issues, so it is not hard to find one of interest. Here locally, my wife and I are advocating for the shutdown of the Line 5 Pipeline under the Mackinac Straits, supporting additional bike trails and lanes throughout the region, and promoting peace, as well as efforts which improve social justice and equity in our  community. 

Below is a poem I penned last weekend for the debut issue of a local liberal newsletter. It suggests that to truly effect change in our society, everyone of us must become more involved instead of just complaining. Namaste! 

“Resolve to be Involved”

by Rick Brown

Many days we may complain

as the news brings us down

but nothing is resolved 

through inaction or a frown

Taking a stand is important

as a therapy for the soul

by finding kindred spirits

with a vital common goal

None of us can be Gandhi

nor a Martin Luther King

but everyone can contribute

with the skill-set that they bring

The energy that’s engendered

as part of something great

drives our constant efforts

with the love we generate 

History waits for nobody

as time moves ever onward

but with avid participation

we can all pay it forward

Our community is calling

whether it knows this or not

for joined voices of reason

to help bring change about

As the new year approaches

and 2016 is absolved

please add a resolution

to become more involved. 


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