TC takes charge of its energy future


I am so proud of my adopted hometown of Traverse City, Michigan. Monday night, the City Commission voted unanimously to have all city facilities and services powered 100% by renewables by the year 2020! That is a spectacular goal that as a resident I can totally support. Only two other communities in Michigan have formally taken such a decisive step – Grand Rapids has set the same renewable energy goal for all city facilities by the year 2025, while the Village of Northport (suburb of Traverse City) and surrounding areas in Leelanau County, have the ambitious goal of converting the entire community to renewable energy. 
In a time where some ill-informed and misled naysayers are questioning the existence of climate change, it is refreshing to know our community and others are taking bold steps to address the issue themselves. Each individual community who reduces its carbon footprint in such a manner has done our planet a great service through its foresight and leadership. Until larger governmental entities accept the scientific facts and actively follow these actions, local communities may be humankind’s best chance at turning the tide on climate change, at least from an American perspective. 

Please consider contacting your local government representatives, whether they be a city/village council, city/county commission, or board of trustees and ask them to take steps to insure a healthy future for our planet. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to leave them a sustainable planet. Peace. 

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