India graces us with the loveliest skyscraper of all


The Namaste Tower under construction in Mumbai, India may not be the tallest skyscraper in the city or in the world at (301 meters or 988 feet in height), but when completed it sure will be the loveliest. Designed to resemble the hands of a yoga participant coming together in a respectful “Namaste” greeting, this building is both elegant and inspiring in its architecture. I particularly like the inclusion of the marvelous henna elements into the tower’s exterior appearance.



It’s too bad that more skylines, especially  here in the United States, aren’t graced with such landmark buildings which depict a sense of profound pride in the place where we live. All too often, they resemble boxes or are adorned with rudimentary design features. In Mumbai, the Namaste Tower is much more…it is a building that respects its community and honors all with its presence, as a structure so named should do.

Well done!

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