Pebbles for Peace

Pebbles for Peace on Empire Beach in Empire, Michigan

Recently I have started the habit of creating a peace symbol out of pebbles and small stones on the beaches of Northwest Lower Michigan. In these troubled times of strife, violence, war, and injustice, these simple tokens of harmony and concord may not seem like a lot, but they bring moments of joy to me. If these Pebbles for Peace bring just one moment of thought or reflection then they have been worth the time and effort  it took for me make them.

Sometimes, it is the small things that have the greatest impact in our lives – a kind word, and warm smile, a hug, or simple work of art found in the sand.

Pebbles for Peace on Maple Bay Beach near Elk Rapids, Michigan

Please consider creating your own peace symbol on a beach near your home or when you travel. If stones or pebbles are not readily available, seashells would work perfectly. Even fashioning the symbol entirely out of sand would be an awesome statement.

Once you have created your peace symbol, please take a photograph and link it to the comments section of this blogpost. It will be fun to seen how far and wide we can spread the simple message of Pebbles for Peace.


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