Comeback music artist of the year – Land of Talk


With the exception of our friends in Canada and indie music fans like myself, I doubt many of you reading this post will recognize the name Land of Talk. Well, that is unfortunate, because you missed out on hearing great music from a terrific band during the later 2000s. However, both you and the band; born, nurtured, and epitomized through Elizabeth Powell, now get a second chance to rectify history.

Land of Talk virtually disappeared from the radar screens after 2010 due to several unfortunate events, including a stroke befalling Ms. Powell’s father, whom she cared for afterwards. Eventually, hints and snippets of new music began to filter out starting in 2015 and on May 19th, the band released its first new album in seven years, aptly entitled Life After Youth.

Life After Youth is easily my favorite album released to date in 2017. It is simply a tour de force effort by Liz and her bandmates. Each and every song is a worthy addition to the record, though my personal favorites are:

  • “Loving” – awesome guitars and a head-banging beat
  • “Macabre” – probably the best album-ending song ever
  • “This Time” – captures the essence of the album and the band’s comeback
  • “Inner Love” – introspective

Please consider checking out Life After Youth and other previously released music by Land of Talk. You won’t be disappointed!

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