Ten planning lessons from St. Augustine

Now that I’ve had a chance to ponder some about all the wondrous sights and scenes of St. Augustine, here are my ten planning lessons from that amazing city.

  • You don’t need to be a big city to be a great city!
  • Spanish colonial architecture is absolutely gorgeous.
  • Preserving a city’s history, architecture, and cultural heritage can be a great economic engine.
  • A diverse mix of cultures is critical to creating a vibrant community.
  • Architectural and design standards are important to preserving continuity and historical context.
  • Streets designed for pedestrians are wonderful.
  • A city built at a human scale can sooth and charm the senses in so many ways.
  • There are some communities in Florida where sprawl has not destroyed the ambiance of place.
  • A community can address troubling aspects of its past in an open, thoughtful, inclusive, and respectful manner.
  • Balancing between the needs of tourists and the needs of residents can be a delicate and continuous challenge.
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