247 Smart cities and counting…

Above is a map of showing the 247 cities to date (as of 6/6/17) where the mayor has pledged their city will adhere to the Paris Climate Accord commitments on greenhouse gases. I am very proud to say our own Mayor, Jim Carruthers of Traverse City was one of the earliest signers.

Thus far, the only states without participant cities are the two Dakotas, Delaware, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Since the map was prepared, the Mayor of  Louisville, Kentucky has signed on.

Hopefully, as time passes, some will join from these states, as well. Dartmouth and Durham, NH; Jackson Hole, WY; Lincoln, NE; Lawrence, KS; Newark, DE; Norman, OK; and Shepherdstown, WV all seem like potential candidates to join.

Please consider contacting your mayor and asking them to stand up for Mother Earth as we unify across this country to support the Paris Climate Accord and fight climate change.

Don’t be a Fossil Fool!

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