States/Provinces with the most carousels

Davenport Park Carousel (1927) in St. Augustine, FL

The list below identifies the states and provinces with the most carousels based on the census compiled by the National Carousel Association. The alternating non-bold/bold listing of states and provinces is done to make it easier to read the names. 
If any one city could be considered the epicenter of carousels in the United States and Canada, it would have to be Binghamton, New York. The city and its nearby suburbs are home to no less than six (6) classic wood carousels dating between 1920 and 1934. That’s more carousels than can be found in 32 states, provinces, and the District of Columbia.
Larger metropolitan areas may have more numerically, but none have the numbers per capita nor the number of classic wood carousels that the Binghamton area does. It is any wonder that Binghamton, New York is nicknamed “The Carousel Capital of the World?” Here’s a weblink to a brochure about these six (6) carousels.
  1. New York = 50
  2. California = 38
  3. Pennsylvania = 27
  4. Ohio = 23
  5. Massachusetts/Michigan/Texas = 12 each
  6. Washington = 11
  7. Kansas/Missouri/North Carolina/Ontario/Virginia = 10 each
  8. Connecticut/Wisconsin = 9 each
  9. Colorado/Indiana/Tennessee = 8 each
  10. Florida/Illinois/Maryland/New Jersey/Oregon = 7 each
  11. Alberta/Arizona/Minnesota/Montana/Oklahoma = 6 each
  12. Idaho/Mississippi/Rhode Island = 5 each
  13. Georgia/Maine/South Dakota/Utah = 4 each
  14. British Columbia/District of Columbia/Iowa/Nebraska/New Hampshire/North Dakota/South Carolina/Vermont = 3 each
  15. Alaska/Arkansas/Kentucky/Louisiana/New Mexico/Wyoming = 2 each
  16. Delaware/Hawaii/Manitoba/Nevada/Quebec/Saskatchewan = 1 each
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