“Bigotsburgs of the week” – three cities with the most Confederate monuments

Little Rock – Source: nationsonline.org

Given the ongoing battles over removal of Confederate monuments, statues, and similar memorials, a review was conducted through wikipedia.org of how those symbols are geographically dispersed across the country. This research shows that the city with the most still displayed is Little Rock, Arkansas. There appear to be 20 Confederate monuments, statues, and memorials displayed within the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Sad as that number for Little Rock may be, the city with the second most, is Washington, DC and its suburbs in Maryland and Virginia with 14, including eight (8) statues alone inside the United States Capitol Building! This fact is appalling and should be very disturbing and offensive to all Americans. How can statues dedicated to those who fought against our nation be allowed to be on display inside our nation’s Capitol Building is beyond all logic.

The city in third place, with 12 such monuments and memorials is Nashville, Tennessee. In all three cases, the total does not include schools, roads, parks, buildings, or entire municipalities with names tied to the Confederacy.

Given how the majority of Americans celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall and the removal of statues of Lenin and Stalin across Eastern Europe, it is distressing that so many don’t also equate these Confederate symbols with oppression. For that is exactly what the Confederacy was, a nation specifically established to continue the oppression of our fellow human beings. Such a society should not be celebrated nor put on a pedestal, especially inside the capitol building of the nation that defeated it.

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2 Responses to “Bigotsburgs of the week” – three cities with the most Confederate monuments

  1. The statues in the US Capitol are chosen by individual states, not by an federal agency or Congress. Cory Booker has introduced legislation to send confederate sculptures back to their home states.


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