The nine volcanic sisters of San Luis Obispo

During a recent visit to San Luis Obispo, California in September, we had the opportunity to view the dramatic Nine Sisters. These nines peak are a dramatic multi-mile chain of volcanic plugs (former volcanoes) that dominate the geography between the cities of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.

While each of the Nine Sisters has its own unique identity, none surpasses the stirring vistas presented by Morro Rock, which is majestically set against the wind, waves, and rolling surf of the Pacific Ocean.  It is hard to imagine a more beautiful setting anywhere.

Though our visit was briefer than wished, the Nine Sisters of San Luis Obispo will always hold a place in my heart – a gorgeous place that I will dream of returning at multiple opportunities in order to gaze in wonder at each of these lovely peaks.  Peace!

  • Morro Rock = 576 feet
  • Black Hill = 665 feet
  • Cerro Cabrillo = 911 feet
  • Hollister Peak = 1,404 feet
  • Cerro Romualdo = 1,306 feet
  • Chumash Peak = 1,257 feet
  • Bishop Peak = 1,559 feet
  • Cerro San Luis (Madonna) = 1,292 feet
  • Islay Hill = 775 feet


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