AR4AV = Adaptive Reuse for Autonomous Vehicles

Source: American Center for Mobility

Listed below are six (6) excellent examples of former industrial, military, and other brownfield sites that have been (or are being) adapted for reuse as autonomous vehicle proving grounds. Instead of developing greenfield locations, these advanced technology facilities have utilized existing infrastructure at the brownfield locations to help shepherd in the future in ground transportation.

As an urban planner, I find these to be clear champions of all the best that comes with adaptive reuse. Why recreate something that is largely already there?  Well done California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Thank you for helping lead us into the future.

  • American Center for Mobility at Willow Run in Ypsilanti, Michigan = 500+ acres – former WWII B-24 Bomber Factory site and underutilized cargo airport
  • GoMentum Station in Concord, California = 5,000 acres – former U.S. Navy Weapons Station
  • MGA Proving Grounds in Burlington, Wisconsin = 400 acres – former AMC Proving Grounds
  • RELLIS Campus in Bryan, Texas = 1,900 acres – former Bryan Air Force Base
  • Road America in Plymouth, Wisconsin = 640 acres – co-utilizing the race track for testing of AVs at higher speeds
  • Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania = 178 acres – former LTV Steel plant site


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  1. Interesting. Suggestion: Save space and digital units by substituting “use” for “utilize” etc. “Utilize” means exactly the same as “use” but uses 4 more characters.


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