America’s hottest hipsterhoods in 2017


The following list developed by identifies the hottest inner city neighborhoods around the country in 2017. Having been to Midtown Detroit back in late August and seen how exciting it is, one can only imagine the vibrancy and hipness of the other 24 in this list. A link to information on several of the neighborhoods is also provided.


Scores were tabulated out of 100 for each criteria shown in the image above and averaged for the total score shown for the applicable neighborhood to determine these rankings.

  1. The Mission in San Francisco, CA = 92
  2. Bushwick in New York City (Brooklyn), NY = 88
  3. Jackson Square in San Francisco, CA = 86
  4. Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA = 84
  5. Sunset Park in New York City (Brooklyn), NY= 84
  6. Pearl District in Portland, OR = 82
  7. North Park in San Diego, CA = 82
  8. Shaw in Washington, DC = 82
  9. Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, GA = 80
  10. Central East in Austin, TX = 79
  11. U Street in Washington, DC = 78
  12. Holly in Austin, TX = 78
  13. Highlands in Denver, CO = 77
  14. Silver Lake in Los Angeles, CA = 77
  15. Wynwood in Miami, FL = 76
  16. Lowry Hill East in Minneapolis, MN =75
  17. Lower Westheimer in Houston, TX = 75
  18. Northern Liberties in Philadelphia, PA = 75
  19. Logan Square in Chicago, IL = 74
  20. Allston-Brighton in Boston, MA = 74
  21. Lower Garden District in New Orleans, LA = 73
  22. Wicker Park in Chicago, IL = 73
  23. Highland Park in Los Angeles, CA = 72
  24. Roosevelt Row in  Phoenix, AZ = 72
  25. Midtown in Detroit, MI = 69


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1 Response to America’s hottest hipsterhoods in 2017

  1. I am somewhat familiar with the neighborhoods in Chicago on this list, though I live in neither. I notice the criteria for Hipsterhood don’t include crime or workforce participation rates for residents; or, getting deeper into the weeds, percentage of residents getting some kind of government aid in money or in kind.


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