Eons of neon in Tucson

If there is one type of signage this urban planner adores, it’s tastefully designed mid-century neon. And if there is one place to find such glorious signage, it’s Tucson, Arizona, where the city and local preservation groups have done a stellar job of preserving these commercial works of art.



While in Tucson last week, we stopped and photographed a number of the restored neon signs in the city, particularly along and near the city’s famed Miracle Mile. The effort, nicknamed “The Neon Pueblo,” even includes a linear neon sign preservation walk fronting Pima Community College’s Central Campus on Drachman Street.



Throughout this post is a photographic sample of the preserved, saved, and restored historic neon signs we saw. I’m looking forward to photographing more historic neon signs in Tucson during our next trip there, including two personal favorites – Monterey Court and SunLand Motel – both have been seen, but I didn’t get a chance to photograph them.

Link to a fabulous booklet on Tucson neon signs. *

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Well done, Tucson! This program is a terrific historic preservation effort that this urban planner wholly supports.





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  1. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing.


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