Stand Up for Avra Valley!

Avra Valley from Saguaro National Park (West Unit)

Stand Up for Avra Valley!

Midst a scenic desert valley
a freeway is planned to flow
more useless sprawl and chaos
whose outcome we all know

This Sonoran panorama
is a treat for jaded eyes
seducing all who view her
‘neath those brilliant blue skies

A first trip to this landscape
will cause your heart to flutter
with glimpses of Arizona
before it fills with clutter

A treasured realm of nature
spreads forth in grand repose
dotted with tall Saguaro
in their striking graceful pose

Vistas that stir our conscience
abound from this great place
Tucson Mountain to Ironwood
are gifts you can NOT replace

Sacred and spiritual
historic and sublime
Avra’s cultural essence
is the ideal paradigm

But greed, wealth, and pressure
fueled by backroom politics
keep Avra on the radar
with puzzling little tricks

It’s just another freeway
more miles of stark concrete
What could possibly happen
when the Interstate’s complete?

Bulldozers by the hundreds
would scour this mighty plain
by tearing it asunder
in a militant campaign

Noise, glare, and vibration
would be the new calling card
gone are her days of wonder
left tattered, torn, and scarred

Thousands of tiny boxes
will rise from scattered seeds
strewn across this basin
like machine-built tumbleweeds

Gridlock and more congestion
will become regular routine
Drivers could not imagine
this place was once serene

Destroying creation’s realm
when alternatives exist
is heinous to the utmost
and why we must resist

Foundations are in place
without building yet anew
along present corridors
much less-costly to pursue

Floodplain and water sources
occupy this narrow route
Why build amid these features
posing danger, risk, and doubt?

Our duty is to save her
from harbingers of doom
By protecting this fine Eden
she’ll forever stay abloom

Stand up for Avra Valley
let voices be overheard
It’s time to show the powerful
the passion of our words!

by R. Fleet Brown – 2018

If you wish to stand up for Avra Valley, here are a few of the groups that are fighting the good fight on its behalf. Peace!

Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection
738 N. 5th Ave., Suite 212
Tucson, AZ 85705 (USA)
+1 520-388-9925 or

Friends of Ironwood Forest
738 N 5th Ave, Suite 114
Tucson, AZ 85705 or 520-628-2092

Friends of Saguaro
2700 North Kinney Road
Tucson, AZ 85743
(520) 733-8610  or

Sierra Club Rincon Group
738 N 5th Ave #214
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 620-6401 or

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