Designate I-85 the “Civil Rights Freedomway”

1960 Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-in – Source:

It is my suggestion that Interstate 85 (I-85) Between Virginia and Alabama should be named the Civil Rights Freedomway. I make this suggestion because of the large number of important historical sites of the Civil Rights era located along or near this freeway.

Freedom Rides Museum – Source:

The proposal has the added hope of the name superseding the unfortunate fact that the highway connects the two former capital cities of the Confederacy. If future generations think of this Interstate Highway as the Civil Rights Freedomway, perhaps the sad and disturbing legacy of the CSA and what it stood for will be further diminished.

Here is a list of the amazing number of important Civil Rights sites located along and close to this Freedomway. Any additions, corrections, or suggestions are most welcome. Peace!



North Carolina

South Carolina



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