A Quartet of Old Barber Shops

One of the traditional and original third places of most small towns and larger cities is the barber shop. They often serve as a natural gathering spot for local news, discussion, gossip, and small talk. I can’t think of a more appropriate post topic for Father’s Day!

The Barbershop (formerly H. Peterson Barber Shop) in Beulah, Michigan

Floyd’s Barber Shop from the Andy Griffith Show in fictional Mayberry, North Carolina is the most famous example, but at one time nearly every small town in American had at least one. Today, as chains and spas/salons proliferate, the traditional barber shop is much rarer than it once was.

Mike’s Barber Shop in Schoolcraft, Michigan

I’m pleased to say that Tom’s Barber Shop here in Traverse City is my go-to place for both a hair cut and good conversation (see photo at the bottom of this post).

George’s Barber Shop in North Webster, Indiana

As I wander about the countryside, each time I have a quartet of these existing and former local icons to share, I will post them as a four-photo harmonic salute to their contribution towards placemaking. Also, feel free to forward a photo of your favorite local barber shopper posting.

Happy Father’s Day!

Tom’s Barber Shop in Traverse City, Michigan

Here are two visual links to books on the history of traditional barber shops that can be found on Amazon*.

*A small commission is earned from purchases that are made using these links to Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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