Hot Dog Stands and Shops With Clever Names

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday, July 18th, I thought I’d list the best names for hot dog stands and shops from across the country. Coney Islands are also included in this list. Please feel free to submit the names of other such locations you feel merit being honored. Thanks!

Top choice – The Wiener’s Circle – Source:

Those shown in bold are my top choices and those shown in italics have been visited and dined at.

My second choice – Source:

First place for best name goes to The Wiener’s Circle of Chicago and second place goes to Perfectly Frank of Norfolk, Virginia.

  • Andrew’s Atomic Dogs – Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Bark Hot Dogs – Brooklyn, New York
  • City Dogs – Richmond, Virginia
  • Cosmos Coney Island – Detroit, Michigan
  • Dapper Dog – San Francisco, California
  • Dat Dog – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Diggity Dog – Seattle, Washington
  • Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace – Columbus, Ohio
  • Doggie Style – Austin, Texas – gotta love the punny innuendo
  • Dogma – Miami, Florida
  • Dog n Suds – chain out of Indiana
  • Dogtown – Milford, Connecticut or Rochester, New York
  • Dreamy Weenies – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Dune Dog Cafe – Jupiter, Florida
  • Dune Dogs – Glen Arbor, Michigan
  • Franks-A-Lot – Portland, Oregon
  • Franks Anatra – Birmingham, Michigan
  • Frank’s Footers – no longer in business (Castro Valley, CA) – the innuendos are endless
  • Franktuary – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Hank’s Haute Dogs – Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Hillbilly Hot Dogs – Lesage, West Virginia
  • Hot Dog Heaven – chain out of Florida
  • I Dream of Weenie – Nashville, Tennessee (food truck)
  • Jack’s Cosmic Dogs – Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
  • Mustard’s Last Stand – Evanston, Illinois
  • Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Naughty Dawg – San Rafael, California
  • Naughty Dog – Bloomington, Indiana
  • Nu-Way Wierners – Macon, Georgia
  • One Stop Coney Shop – Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Paradise Dogs – Santa Cruz, California
  • Perfectly Frank – Norfolk, Virginia – my second favorite name
  • Pluto’s Dog House – Disneyland, California
  • Pop’s Dogs and Ma’s Burgers – Richmond, Virginia
  • SCHNACK – Brooklyn, New York
  • Short Leash Hot Dogs – Phoenix, Arizona
  • Spike’s Junkyard Dogs – Providence, Rhode Island
  • Spud Dogs – Macon, Georgia
  • Superdawg – Chicago, Illinois
  • Sup Dogs – Greenville, North Carolina
  • Super Duper Weenie – Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Tail o’ the Pup – Los Angeles, California
  • The Barking Dog – Hampton, Virginia
  • The Dogfather – Worcester, Massachusetts
  • The Gnarley Dog – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
  • The Naked Dog – Savannah, Georgia
  • The Pup Truck – Atlanta, Georgia (food truck)
  • The Red Hot – Tacoma, Washington
  • The Steamie Weenie – Henderson Nevada
  • The Wienery – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • The Wiener’s Circle – Chicago, Illinois – best name of all
  • The Wiener Shack – Mishawaka, Indiana
  • Thirsty Dog 2 Go – Tempe, Arizona
  • Top Dog – Berkeley, California
  • Tugboat Pete’s Hot Dog Stand – Long Beach, California
  • U.B. Dogs – Chicago, Illinois
  • Uptown Dogs – Traverse City, Michigan – their “Pico Fresco Dog” is my all-time favorite hot dog!!! (see photo below)
  • Vicious Dogs – North Hollywood, California
  • Waka Dog – South Bend, Indiana
  • Wee-Nee Wagon – Brunswick, Georgia
  • Weenie Beenie – Arlington, Virginia
  • Weenie Dogs – Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • What’s Up Dog? – San Francisco, California – Does Randy Jackson work here?
  • Wienerschnitzel – chain out of California
  • Wild Willie’s Wiener Wagon – Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Wolfy’s – Skokie, Illinois
  • Wrigley Chicago Dogs – Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Yesterdog – Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Zombie Dogz – Dayton, OH

“Pico Fresco Dog” from Uptown Dogs

Here are ten (10) other names that I didn’t see, that I am surprised haven’t been used. Enjoy!

Dog Gone It

Hound Pound

Pound O’ Hounds

Let’s Be Frank


Soda Pup

Walkin’ With a Dog

Doggin’ It

Best in Show Hot Dogs

Buns of Meal

Here are visual links to several well-rated books on how to start a hot dog stand that are available thru Amazon*.


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4 Responses to Hot Dog Stands and Shops With Clever Names

  1. Craig Russell says:

    Yesterdog–Awesome! But it appears Wrigley Chicago Dogs in Rapid City has been closed for a few years…


  2. Medus says:

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