Are You a Socialist?


This question was posed on a former sister blog (Progressive Blogic) some seven years ago during the rancorous debate about the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. It was meant to point out to the average person that “socialism,” particularly democratic socialism, should not be considered a dirty word, for many things they already do or organizations they belong to are actually socialist in their operation.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Have you paid into or are you receiving social security, medicare, or medicaid? Greetings, fellow socialist.
  • Are you a member/customer of a credit union? If yes, you are a socialist.
  • Do you belong to or shop at a food cooperative? Hello, socialist.
  • Do you participate in or utilize a community garden or food bank? Welcome, socialist!
  • Are you a member of or shopper at a retail cooperative like REI or Ace Hardware? Socialist.
  • Do you root for or support the Green Bay Packers? They are owned cooperatively by the citizens of Green Bay – you are supporting a socialist organization.
  • Do you live in a residential housing cooperative? Hello, socialist.
  • Have you participated in or signed up for health care through the Affordable Care Act. Ditto, comrade.
  • Do you get your power from a rural or municipal electric cooperative like Cherryland Electric Cooperative here in Traverse City? Wow, you are quite the socialist.
  • Do you buy products from Land O’ Lakes or Ocean Spray? You closet socialist, you.
  • Does your farm work with or is it a member of an agricultural cooperative? Welcome to socialism?

As is clearly evident from this short list, socialism is rampant in the United States and does not appear to be hurting anyone. In fact, these socialistic organizations are very beneficial. So, the next time someone starts dissing socialism, ask them some of these questions. The answers might enlighten them to reality. Peace.

Here are visual links to two (2) books available on Amazon* about the benefits of cooperatives and shared ownership.


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