Ten Best and Worst City/Town Slogans

Source: kygl.com

Here’s a fun list of the ten (10) best and ten (10) worst city or town slogans from across the United States. If you think there are better or worse ones, please send them along and we will judge them against these current leaders.

Ten Best

  1. Texarkana, TX/AR – “Twice as Nice”  – Short, memorable, and to the point considering it’s a twin city split by a state line
  2. Metter, GA – “Everything’s Better in Metter” – Very catchy
  3. Knox, IN – “Where opportunity knocks” – Punny and perfect for economic development
  4. Dubuque, IA – “Masterpiece on the Mississippi” – Also memorable
  5. Loveland, OH – “Sweetheart of Ohio”  – Good play on Ohio being the heart of it all
  6. Hershey, PA – “The Sweetest Place on Earth” – Self-explanatory, tho may be getting a tad dated
  7. Talent, OR – “Our Name Speaks For Itself” – Logical and cute
  8. Gas, KS  – “Don’t pass Gas, stop and enjoy it” – Very cute and funny
  9. Ault, CO – “A Unique Little Town” – Innovative
  10. Glendive, MT – “Good People Surrounded by Badlands” – Nice contrast

Source: yelp.com

 Ten Worst
  1. Fruita, CO – “Home of Mike the Headless Chicken” – yuck!
  2. Nederland, CO – “Home of the Frozen Dead Guy” – double yuck!
  3. Algona, IA – “Home of the World’s Largest Cheeto” – We thought Trump was from New York City?
  4. Beaver, OK – “Cow Chip Capital of the World” – Did we say yuck already?
  5. Cedar Bluff, AL – “The Crappie Capital of the World.” – Kinda says it all and yes we know its spelled differently.
  6. Fernandina Beach, FL and Venice, FL – Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World – a) both can’t be, and b) provided it’s not stuck in your leg.
  7. Bellingham, WA – “City of Subdued Excitement” – Well, ain’t that just blah.
  8. Anniston, AL – “The Model City” – Is this to honor Jennifer Anniston for having the same name?
  9. Cuba City, WI – “The City of Presidents” – Huh? Not a single President is from here.
  10. Mt. Horeb, WI – “The Troll Capital” – Not the best nickname for the internet age.


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