Thank you, METRIC for a Rock n’ Roll Masterpiece


Every once in a while you hear an album that completely knocks your socks off the very first time your listen to it. Today was one of those days.

NPR was kind enough to provide a “First Listen” to METRIC’s seventh album entitled Art of Doubt on its website. I ordered the album several weeks ago and have been eagerly anticipating its arrival.


First of all, thank you to both METRIC and NPR for providing this sneak peek into the new album that’s being formally released on September 21st. Second – thank you METRIC for sharing 12 top-notch songs – a full album like the days of yore (the 1970s). There’s no filler whatsoever in this album – it will knock your socks off from the first note until the last. If fact, the album gets stronger with each tune. Art of Doubt is outstanding – and if it doesn’t win Album of the Year, I will forever refuse watch the Grammy’s!


METRIC had already released three (3) of the songs from Art of Doubt as singles and all three (Dark Saturday; Dressed to Suppress; and Now or Never Now) hinted at the greatest to come, but nothing prepared me for how breathtakingly gorgeous and fulfilling this album would be. It instantly became my favorite METRIC album to date and far surpasses anything else released by any other artist this year.

My personal favorite songs on the album after a few listens are the following tunes (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Anticipate – Emily’s gorgeous voice is in full command
  • Art of Doubt – reminds one of the band’s early music
  • Dark Saturday – check out their fun acoustic in park performance of this
  • Die Happy – in this dystopia…
  • Dressed to Suppress – one awesome song and video
  • Holding Out – hypnotic guitars, drums, and vocals
  • No Lights on the Horizon – what a terrific concluding track!
  • Now or Never Now – so heartfelt and introspective
  • Risk
  • Seven Rules – a beautiful song
  • Underline the Black – Jimmy and Joules are rock’n the house

I first became a fan of METRIC when I heard Gold Guns Girls being played on MSU’s student radio station. Since then, they have consistently moved up my personal favorite musician(s) chart to become #1, particularly after seeing them rock the Fillmore in Detroit back in 2012. The band has been together now for 20 years, providing some of the best guitar-oriented rock n’ roll on the planet, mixed with thought-provoking lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, riveting bass, superior keyboards, and head-banging percussion – exactly what ever rock n’ roll lover craves. But, Art of Doubt goes well beyond that, it literally delves into your heart, your mind, and your soul and touches each of them in a way that few albums do – the music becomes symbiotic with the listener.


I also want to thank Canada for sharing METRIC with us – thank you for METRIC’s endearing gift, from our loving northern neighbor. My sincerest apologies for the orange moron residing in DC – he doesn’t speak for the majority of us, as we love Canada dearly.

Lastly, I want to express my thanks individually to Emily, James (Jimmy), Joshua, and Joules for the magic each of you bring to music and for sharing it with the world. Now, if the National Cherry Festival or the Interlochen Center for the Arts would please bring you to Traverse City for a concert, then Feng shui and Karma would be properly aligned.

Peace and love from Michigan.

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