“Instrumental” Towns

Source: gr8traveltips.com

A little fun for the start of the work week with city/town names that include the name of an instrument in their name. If you know of others we missed, please feel free to pass them along for inclusion.

  • Bass, Victoria, Australia
  • Bass Lake, Wisconsin
  • Big Horn, Wyoming
  • Drumheller, Alberta
  • Horn, Germany
  • Horn Lake, Mississippi
  • Horntown, Oklahoma
  • Kalamazoo (kazoo), Michigan
  • Morgan City (organ), Louisiana
  • Morganton (organ), North Carolina
  • Morgantown (organ), West Virginia and Pennsylvania
  • Organ, New Mexico
  • Viola, Illinois, Arkansas, and Tennessee
  • Sharpsburg (harp), Pennsylvania and Maryland
  • Thorn (horn), Netherlands
  • Thorne (horn), United Kingdom
  • Thornton (horn), Colorado
  • Thorntown (horn), Indiana
  • Whistler, British Columbia
    Sources: personal knowledge and en.wikipedia.org
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