Ten Planning Lessons from Detroit’s Eastern Market

Chrome art sculpture outside of Shed 5

Anyone fortunate enough to visit engaging Detroit’s Eastern Market knows exactly what I am talking about in this post. Enjoy the list below!

Flower Day at the Eastern Market – Source: lifeinmichigan.com

  • Great third places like Detroit’s Eastern Market can and will survive and thrive through both good and bad times.
  • Every city needs accessible and affordable places to obtain fresh and nutritious food.
  • A city/farm market can also be an entertainment venue and social gathering place.
  • Detroit’s Eastern Market is a critical focal point for investment and reinvestment in the heart of the city.
  • City/farm markets promote healthy lifestyles not only through their food options, but also by their walkable nature.
  • A city/farm market can be an excellent economic gardening catalyst for supporting small family businesses/farms.
  • A city/farm market is a an important component in establishing and maintaining a comprehensive and sustainable urban food system.
  • Detroit’s Eastern Market and similar facilities provide a direct link between area farmers and local consumers.
  • Purchases made at a city/farm market recirculate capital locally.
  • A city/farm market of the stature of Detroit’s Eastern Market can come to epitomize the heart and soul of an entire city.

Pre-dawn preparation – Source: dptv.com

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