Ominous Sounding Frontier Town Names

Total Wreck, Arizona – Source:

As part of our Frontier Towns series, the following list of town names might make you want to think twice before moving there or living there. Some of the names are famous, while others are infamous. All of them are certainly memorable. Enjoy!

  • Bachelor City, Colorado
  • Back City, Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Bitter Creek, Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Bitter Springs, Arizona
  • Boring, Oregon
  • Bucksnout, Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Bummerville, California
  • Burns Flat, Oklahoma
  • Burnt Ranch, California
  • Cannon Ball, North Dakota
  • Challenge, California
  • Cheapside, Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Chickenfeather, Texas
  • Contention City, Arizona (Ghost Town)
  • Cripple Creek, Colorado
  • Cut and Shoot, Texas
  • Cuthand, Texas
  • Cyanide, South Dakota (Ghost Town)
  • Deadwood, California (Ghost Town), Oregon, and South Dakota
  • Devil’s Den, California
  • Devil’s River, Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Dodge City, Kansas
  • Dull, Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Fort Phantom Hill, Texas ( Ghost Town)
  • Gun Barrel City, Texas
  • Gun Sight, Texas
  • Hellhole Palms, California
  • Hideout, Utah
  • Horse Heaven, Oregon (Ghost Town)
  • Hungry Horse, Montana
  • Lame Deer, Montana
  • Last Chance, Colorado (Ghost Town)
  • Little Hope, Texas ( Ghost Town)
  • Loco, Oklahoma
  • Lost Cabin, Wyoming
  • Lost Camp, South Dakota (Ghost Town)
  • Mule Lick, Nevada (Ghost Town)
  • Needmore, Texas
  • Non, Oklahoma
  • No Name, Colorado
  • Poorman’s Gulch, South Dakota (Ghost Town)
  • Quicksand, Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Remote, Oregon
  • Rescue, California
  • Rock Crusher, Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Rough and Ready, California
  • Scarface, California
  • Scratchout, Oklahoma (Ghost Town)
  • Slapout, Oklahoma
  • Slaughterville, Oklahoma
  • Starkweather, North Dakota
  • Sucker Flat, California
  • Swastika, New Mexico and Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Tombstone, Arizona
  • Total Wreck, Arizona (Ghost Town)
  • Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
  • Two Bit, South Dakota (Ghost Town)
  • Vulture City, Arizona (Ghost Town)
  • Weeping Mary, Texas
  • Who’d Thought It, Texas (Ghost Town)
  • Wimp, California
  • Wounded Knee, South Dakota



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