“Bu-tte-ful” Town Names

Source: geocaching.com

Below is a list of cities, towns, villages, hamlets, and census-designated places in the United States and Canada that are named for one of my favorite geographic/geologic landforms – the butte  (okay, quit snickering). The photo above aptly shows the difference between a butte and a mesa. Furthermore, a plateau has an even larger elevated surface area than a mesa.

City of Sentinel Butte as seen from atop Sentinel Butte – Source: beautifulbadlandsnd.com

As can be seen, there are a number of towns with butte incorporated into their name from across the western portions of the continent. Personally, my favorite one of these, is Sentinel Butte, because that name largely epitomizes the image of a lone butte standing out in the western wilderness, silently keeping watch over its arid surroundings. In second place, my choice would be Crested Butte, and third would be Picture Butte. My least favorite is Butte alone.

  • Black Butte Ranch, Oregon
  • Butte, Montana, Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska, and North Dakota
  • Butte City, Idaho
  • Butte Falls, Oregon
  • Butteville, Oregon (2) – one is a ghost town, the other is not.
  • Cedar Butte, South Dakota
  • Central Butte, Saskatchewan
  • Crested Butte, Colorado
  • Eagle Butte, South Dakota
  • Elephant Butte, New Mexico
  • Four Buttes, Montana
  • Gold Butte, Nevada (ghost town)
  • Grassy Butte, North Dakota
  • Heart Butte, Montana
  • Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado
  • Mud Butte, South Dakota
  • North Eagle Butte, South Dakota
  • Picture Butte, Alberta
  • Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan
  • Powell Butte, Oregon
  • Red Butte, Wyoming
  • Saddle Butte, Montana
  • Sentinel Butte, North Dakota
  • Square Butte, Montana
  • Study Butte, Texas
  • Two Buttes, Colorado
  • White Butte, South Dakota

Source: zazzle.com


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