The flailing Detroit Lions need to be renamed and rebranded!


perfect logo for the Detroit Mustangs  – Source:

When your NFL team is a perpetual disappointment, something drastic needs to be done to turn around that sorry trend. In the Detroit Lions case, not just coaching and personnel changes are in order. Given the Ford family doesn’t appear to be willing to sell the team, a completely new identity is necessary with a new name, new logo, new team colors, etc.

I’ve always wondered why only the Pistons have an automotive nickname of the four major teams in the Motor City. Perhaps the Tigers can be forgiven since they came into existence right about the time that the city was becoming an automotive juggernaut. So here are my suggestions for a new name for the flailing Detroit Lions:

  • The Detroit Mustangs is my favorite option that should also appeal to the Ford family – a team name that could seriously rev up the team and fans, as well as sales of team swag and Ford Mustang products.
  • Detroit Accelerators
  • Detroit Hotrods
  • Detroit Gearheads
  • Detroit Roadsters
  • Detroit GT (also due to Ford ownership)
  • Detroit Arsenal – since the city was the Arsenal of Democracy in WWII.

Please don’t tell me this has never happened before, because there are 20 professional teams that have renamed/rebranded themselves without relocating, including the Detroit Redwings who were previously the Detroit Cougars and the Detroit Falcons!

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